Playlist of the Living Dead

Bungie will be setting up Ranked Matchmaking in Halo3 for Halloween, the gory details (pun intended) can be found on the Bungie Forums and it looks to be a great time. I have some work piling up, but I hope to get a few hours...

Halo 3 — just around the corner

I have been working pretty much all of my weeks away.. and when I am not working I have been attending conferences all over. Well this Tuesday (Sept 25) I will be in line picking up Halo 3 and then I will be taking a...

Updates for Xbox360 coming soon

Still getting back in to the swing of things from my week off at PhotoshopWorld. I noticed that Microsoft is updating the Xbox360 dashboard with chat features, improved downloading and overall enhancements to widen the gap between the other consoles.


Tekken 5 for PS3 later this month

I know what you are thinking, wasn’t Tekken suppose to be released at the end of this year? Well according to Namco’s site and a chat rep it would “seem” that Tekken is to be released this month. Of course I don’t know for sure, but figured I would pass this info along.

Just check out the chat transcript and the screenshot of the Namco website.

Of course keep in mind Virtua Fighter was just released so my guess is this would be nothing more than a ploy to draw attention away from VR. However it didn’t work because I picked that up earlier today.

Proud Owner of the Nintendo Wii

While vacationing in Florida last week I received a tip that Target would be getting a small shipment of Wii consoles. I got up on Sunday morning at about 4:30am, went to Target and stood in line for about 3 hours. I also picked up...