Playlist of the Living Dead

Playlist of the Living Dead

Bungie will be setting up Ranked Matchmaking in Halo3 for Halloween, the gory details (pun intended) can be found on the Bungie Forums and it looks to be a great time.

I have some work piling up, but I hope to get a few hours in, hope to see everyone, Zombies beware.. its fraggin’ time.

Add me as a friend if ya like: mkeefe (I know, real original)

To celebrate the gustatory tendencies of the walking dead and to acknowledge All Hallows Eve, we’re launching a spooktacular, eerie-otic and cryptmongous playlist for 27 horror-filled hours, starting on October 31st at 12:01am and ending at 3:00am on November 1st because we love Hawaii Halloween too (Chicken skin kine). It is infection and it is the playlist of the Living Dead.

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