My name is Matt (aka CoderMan). I am a husband, father, foster parent, landlord, entrepreneur, software engineer and teacher.

Some of my work experience includes projects with some of the largest brands such as Adobe, Comcast, Delphi, Disney, Nike, OSHA, Lenovo, Pioneer, Porsche SiriusXM & Warner Brothers.

No, I am not a superhero (though if I were I couldn’t say!), the name coderman comes from my instant messenger days, it was one of my online screen-names I used for gaming and chat. Being that my freelance career was focused on code, it worked quite well for the niche I was in. I decided to take on the moniker for my YouTube channel for two reasons. 1) It was easy to spell/say and 2) it was short and available.

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What does Matt do for fun?

When not helping clients and working with my team I like to spend time with my wife and son, read, listen to business podcasts, ride my motorcycle, head to the shooting range, attend car events, work in the garage and travel.

Random Bits

  • Founder of PixelBit — Web & Mobile Studio
  • Co-Founder of Dealer Copilot
  • Wrote 3 books:
    • Flash & PHP bible
    • Java & Flex Integration Bible
    • Foundation Fireworks CS4
  • Featured on the Busy Creator podcast
  • Interviewed by VitaminT
  • Holder of multiple ACE (Adobe Certified Expert) certifications
  • Alpha/Beta tester of new & upcoming technologies
  • Founder of Scriptplayground
  • Started first company at 16
  • Avid motorcycle, firearm, photography & car enthusiast
  • Photography has been featured on Mashable, Techcrunch and Huffington Post, among many other online publications
  • Ran the web department in High School
  • Wrote a bucket list at age 24
  • Pulled over while riding a Jet Ski

Photos & Video

I have always had a passion for photography since the days of my 1-megapixel Sony DSC F717 digital camera. Since that time I have kept photography a hobby which is where I spend my free time. My work varies from car events to family parties and even some landscape/urban settings.

I have shot photos while in Las Vegas, Caribbean, Boston, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Florida, New York, Canada, California, Colorado and Japan.

You can view my photography on Instagram and some of my older photos are on Flickr.

Below is some of my gear, though its always changing. In fact for YouTube I am working mainly with my iPhone and gimbals to keep my kit simple. I tend to keep my kit.co profile updated with gear changes.

Canon EOS R
Canon M6
GoPro Hero 3/4/5/7
Canon 7D Mark II
Canon 30D
DJI Mavic Mini
DJI Osmo

Canon Lenses
18-105 RF IS USM
18-135 EF-S IS USM
17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM
100-300mm EF IS USM
50mm f/1.4 USM
18-55mm f/3.5-5.6

Digital Storage
CompactFlash Cards
SD Cards
2TB Western Digital hard drive
300GB portable hard drive
200GB FTP storage

Various B+W UV & Sky Filters
580 EX II Speedlight
Off Camera Shoe Cord (OC-E3)
Battery packs
Battery Grip
Cleaning Kit
LowePro Slingback bag
Tamrac Notebook/Camera Backback
Manfrotto carbon fiber tripod