Grand Theft Auto IV is released, media overreacts…

Grand Theft Auto IV is released, media overreacts…

Grand Theft Auto IV (four) released last week has “as usual” come under media fire, but this video takes the cake for most pathetic political bullshit I have ever been presented.

Here is a link to the video, I guarantee you will cringe at the “scare tactics”.

According to “Jack Thompson” this kid Devon is on death row for killing 3 cops using experience of murder that he could have only had gotten in the GTA series (Vice City & III). Now is it just me or does the media have more violence than any other show on TV? Okay, reality aside.. how about CSI, Las Vegas, Sopranos, HBO and I could go on.

..but wait, the best part is still coming in the middle of the video. They talk about the only reason the game didn’t get a AO (Adults Only) rating is so it could be sold mainstream.. yah, not likely.. seeing as most of the “sex” is not graphic in the least. I have played this game and find it entertaining.. no, not because I can kill people with no consequence, but because the game is interesting, deep story and is like playing a movie.

Personally the problem here is the parents. Devon (the kid on death row) was able to buy the game without a parent.. so TakeTwo should be in trouble here? No, that store should be.. or more importantly the person that sold the game.

Note: Edited for work-safe reading.. I was boiling when I first wrote it.


  • Gray

    Reply May 6, 2008 4:45 am

    That was a pretty funny video. It’s amazing how short-sited these media folks are. The game isn’t rated AO, yes, that’s correct. An AO rating means 18+. It’s rated M. Oh no! The only difference? M is 17+.

    Are you telling me that if the game was rated AO it would be okay all of a sudden?

    “Let’s just keep on repeating ‘Beating up a prostitute’ over and over again until people think it’s real.”

    Rockstar has simply put out an entertaining game. It is up to the retailers to make sure it gets put in the right hands.

  • sjkramer

    Reply May 6, 2008 10:57 pm

    It’s just like the crap with the recording industry having to put parental advisories on the labels of cd’s… All thanks to Tipper Gore…

    They just need to point a finger at someone…

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