Updates for Xbox360 coming soon

Updates for Xbox360 coming soon

Still getting back in to the swing of things from my week off at PhotoshopWorld. I noticed that Microsoft is updating the Xbox360 dashboard with chat features, improved downloading and overall enhancements to widen the gap between the other consoles.


They are also releasing a QWERTY style thumb-keyboard “sidekick-like” which would make it easier to chat, but I am not 100{9eb845e9932a4c0558a0305a78bf1c2d5042d8a06323e6cdeacdb9c8597fbf65} sure if the weight and battery life will be tolerable.


It is funny that even though I have Wii, PS3 and Xbox360 I still find myself gaming on the 360. The interface is slick and very friendly, the community is strong and I have no problem paying a minor $60 for a 13 month subscription. Just look at everything you get in the Xbox Live community.

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