Generate dynamic reflections in Flash

While working on a comp for SLRPlayground I came up with a few ideas. One of which is reflections in Flash automatically generated in code so I can keep the galleries dynamic. A side benefit to working on this experiment was getting a chance to...

My views on Internet Explorer 7

ie71.jpgYou may have noticed that Microsoft recently released a public beta of Internet Explorer 7 (RC 1 at the time of this posting) and there have been mixed thoughts and a ton of false facts. At the top of the false facts list is thinking that IE still has poor/limited PNG support but that simply isn’t true. IE 7 now supports transparent PNG’s and doing so really allows designers to take advantage their amazing quality.

Essential PHP Security

This book is essential for anyone starting out in PHP, but not only for them. It offers tips for almost any skill level, maybe you know some of the ways to keep your site secure but Chris really goes in depth on some of them. The...