Day 3 at Adobe MAX 2010 and MiniMAX Presentation

Day 3 at Adobe MAX 2010 and MiniMAX Presentation

The final day at Adobe MAX, or day 3 recap. This day started off with another quick breakfast in the community pavilion. I then headed up to the Adobe AIR for TV class which was just a taste of future AIR uses. I will try to post more about this in the future though I am bound by NDA for the most part!

Day 3 did not have a keynote, and was instead a full day of sessions and labs. You know the original reason I attended MAX :). The speakers at MAX are unique in their own way, but overall the information you walk away with more than justifies the cost of the conference. I know personally I got more out of MAX in one year than I have at the past 4 other conferences I attended.

Most of the attendees of MAX end Day 3 with a goodbye to the LA Live Convention Center and a flight home or a free evening. For me Wednesday evening was a little different. I was asked to speak at MiniMAX in Santa Monica at the Coloft. I presented on Flash for Mobile without realizing I couldn’t have picked a more fitting topic considering MAX 2010 was all about mobile devices. Originally I was suppose to speak for 15 minutes, but once I got rolling I spoke for just over 30, with the audiences approval to do so. Overall the speaking opportunity was awesome for me and I can’t wait to speak again. Who knows, maybe I will speak at the Boston Flash Platform User Group, which I am now Co-Manager of!

For those that heard my presentation or would like to know more about it I will be posting the slides, code and further information on Scriptplayground very soon (this weekend).

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