Tools and Services that PixelBit uses to stay productive

Tools and Services that PixelBit uses to stay productive

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Over the last few months i’ve been looking into various web apps to use over at PixelBit. After looking over many, testing a few and reading reviews i’ve formulated a small list of the top tools. We use others as well but these are the ones that shine.

Project and client management. The Suite is a good deal.

Good advertising opportunity for little cost.

Quickbooks Online
Perfect tools for managing the business, paying employees and contractors. Also integrates with our accountants systems.

Hosted SVN for secure, offsite backups. While we don’t use this for all code (contract restrictions) it works quite well for our small team.

iOS Developers “new best thing”. It makes testing a breeze and makes it possible to push builds in minutes with a clear communication with our testing pools.

While not really a web tool it really is nice to get feedback in realtime as a project is being developed.

I have a love/hate for this host, but so far they’ve allowed PixelBit to scale (internally) and provide solutions for our clients.

Excellent newsletter and one-off mailing. Clean, Fast and Intuitive. Plus it has chimps, whats not to love?

There you have it, a little list of the tools we use. I will post some more “company information” in the future as we continue to grow. For now we are focused on our brands and clients, so much that we haven’t even finished our own website. Its the “cobblers children” effect for sure.

What tools and services do you use?

Note: NONE of these recommendations were paid or compensated to be added.


  • Dee D.

    Reply September 12, 2011 3:18 pm

    #1 Most important tool: 😉

    We use iContact for mailing list management, for hosting and ecommerce, for kitten videos, and Facebook for wasting TONS of valuable time.

  • Dee D.

    Reply September 12, 2011 3:18 pm

    Wah! It didn’t come up right.
    #1 Most important tool: <- Keurig coffee maker. 😉

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