Why I will not watch the Olympics

Why I will not watch the Olympics

It is no surprise at this point that the 2008 Bejing Summer Olympics have had their share of controversy. Whether its the spectacular fake fireworks or the “un-pretty” singers, everything that was shown on TV now has the potential to never have really happened.. or had some element that was real with so many others embelished for ratings.

Of course the digital spectacle wasn’t enough, it has even been rumored that they altered the Parade of Athletes order to boost ratings.. but good effort Matt Lauer for trying to explain those really awesome Chinese strokes to signify a country.. you really are an NBC pawn.

Now I am gussing your wondering why this would result in not watching the Olympics, simple.. I will not be one of NBC’s statistics and will not willingly promote or acknowledge this dark age in digital life.

Let me make it perfecltly clear what I mean here. I am saying I will not watch the games, not that the atheletes are anything less than amazing. It’s just a shame they are the ones affected here.. but all that matters to networks is ratings.


  • ashley

    Reply August 12, 2008 4:49 pm

    wow…I couldn’t imagine finding yet another reason to not watch the olympics, and yet…this is quite a good one.

    Funny. My mom watched the opening ceremonies and told me about this little girl who had an ‘unbelievable voice’…yea…I guess she really did have an unbelievable voice :-/

  • jacob

    Reply August 13, 2008 7:22 pm

    you haven’t really laid out a good reason here. And you have become a statistic by being one of the people who is boycotting watching the games for no good reason. =)

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