another example of poor deployment another example of poor deployment

As usual a web site offer is not tested before going live. I actually called the hosting company “PixelMedia” at 10:10 and they assured me it would be back up. Who launches a project and doesn’t test or even try to determine the load their site will get? As a fellow web professional (web developer) I take extreme issue with this growing trend.

This of course wasn’t the first high profile site that offered a great savings, some of you may remember the Sparkfun “Free Day” back in January. The slight difference with Sparkfun was they did order new servers, just still must not have tested it properly.

Its of course very possible for a large web presence in a matter of minutes to be successful, just look at Adobe when they debuted CS5, Amazon whenever they run any sort of a promotion and of course news agencies when tragedy and breaking news hits.

Those examples show it is possible, so if you don’t test your work, don’t post it.. and above all, don’t give people false hope. Now all Mass Save has done is pissed off Massachusetts residents and brought bad press to their agency.

Update: I would like to mention Mass Save finally did come up for us at 11:15 EST, it seems they moved the site to a new location and got things online (slowly).

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