iPhone 3g.. no, getting Bold

iPhone 3g.. no, getting Bold

Blackberry Bold

After looking at the “updated” iPhone that was just released it just didn’t do it for me. The 3G is nice, but the new plan and contract is not. The battery life is even lower on 3G and from testing the apps while on the road on the iPhone this weekend they just suck that battery away.

So basically I am skipping iPhone 3G, installed 2.0 on my current iPhone and that will be good enough.

However I will be buying a Blackberry Bold (coming soon). After looking at the tech specs which includes WIFI I was sold. The removable battery and externally accessible memory card just sealed the deal.

If you don’t have an iPhone at the moment I do still highly recommend it.. its an amazing piece of hardware. Just the new one doesn’t bring enough “newness” to blow good pricing and terms I have now.

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