Happy Peg now on the app store, built using Flash!

Happy Peg now on the app store, built using Flash!

I am happy to FINALLY announce my first iPhone application, Happy Peg, now available on the iTunes App Store!

Happy Peg is based on the classic “peg game” that you likely played/saw in a restaurant. Its a simple concept that will keep you hooked for hours.

This version takes that classic game and adds the ability to resume a game if you get a call or decide to close the app. It also gives the ability to assist you while you play using simple hints as a guide to possible moves. You can even try to beat your best time completing the game using the in-game timer. All of the custom options (timers and hints) can be enabled/disabled in the Settings.

The application was built using Flash CS5 and the iPhone packager. I am not able to speak about specifics at this time but I can say it makes creating apps a much simpler process compared to Objective-C. For more information and tutorials on creating iPhone apps in Flash please follow Scriptplayground on Twitter. Once I am able to post code and tutorials I will have a complete guide with steps to create Happy Peg and learn the techniques to use in your own apps.

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  • Chris

    Reply February 11, 2010 11:25 am

    Just thought I’d mention that I downloaded it and it works great! I remember this game from years ago (I had one). Still haven’t remembered the winning trick but I’ll figure it out again soon.

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