Got a Playstation3 by pure luck

Got a Playstation3 by pure luck

ps3_thumb.jpgWell I am happy to write that I have a 20GB (read on to hear why I chose the 20 over the 60) Playstation3 with 2 games and 2 Blu-Ray movies. While I was doing some “early” Christmas shopping at Best Buy I noticed as I was leaving the store the employees were huddled around the security door and by pure human nature I naturally peaked in to see if someone was in trouble. However to my wonderful surprise I saw about 15 or so 20GB Playstation3’s just quietly sitting there. I quickly asked one of the employees (team members) if they were marked for pre-order and was told they in fact were not. Now the funny thing is I simply said “ok” and walked out the store (I really wanted a 60GB) but then as I thought about it all I would be missing is a bigger hard drive, memory card reader and wireless connectivity. The hard drive can be replaced for a bigger one, I have about 10 different memory card readers and with an optional piece of hardware I get wireless.

Not to mention I would be waiting a few months for a 60GB to magically find its way to me, so I welcome the 20 with open arms. Now on to the actual game system, I have already tried out one of the games “Ridge Racer” and was very impressed with the graphics… simply put it looks slick. Just like the PS2, the PS3 is backwards compatible with the majority of titles on the PS2/PS1.

When I get some more free time I will gladly post an in depth review, but for now I am off to play my new game system.

Here is a cameraphone shot of my PS3 ticket, number 1!

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  • Scott Perez-Fox

    Reply November 29, 2006 9:58 pm

    Matt, you should have bought 3 and sold em. The profit from the others would pay for your own system.

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