Flash Forward 07 – Boston

Flash Forward 07 – Boston

Just got an email from my friend Colin which said he is going to be a speaker at Flash Forward. This time around it is being held in Boston.. and you know I won’t be missing it. The conference overall looks like a great one and I look forward to attending these great sessions, it is going to take great skill in order to plan the classes I want to attend.

Adobe just releasing the CS3 Suite not too long ago will prove to be very interesting since I am almost positive the focus will be Actionscript 3, as it should be.

I will be posting updates from the show and also an overall review once I get back. For that matter I actually have a few great conferences and trips coming up in the coming months. Photoshop World in Vegas, Flash Forward in Boston and PhotoPlus Expo in New York.. this should be a year packed with a lot of conferences and a lot of photo-ops.

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