End of one venture & the birth of PixelBit

End of one venture & the birth of PixelBit

In early 2011 I put the final steps into action on starting my first non-freelance company. I joined forces with @PhilipJNeal to provide a combined 20+ years of professional experience in development and design. The company may be new, but the work and clients are not.

Basically PixelBit is 3Pixels and mkeefeDESIGN merged into one company, though it is a bit more complex than that its a good overview. Right now the company is still in the building phase, but as luck and good contacts would have it we have our first project already underway. While I can’t speak on the specifics I can say its all extremely exciting.

Update: The mkeefeDESIGN blog will be transformed into the personal blog of Matthew Keefe and soon a new blog for PixelBit will be online.

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  • Skylar Anderson

    Reply April 26, 2011 9:27 am

    Congrats Matt
    Exciting times indeed!

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