Building a Todo App using AIR

Building a Todo App using AIR

Jonathan Snook (creator of Snitter, an Adobe AIR based Twitter client) has written an in depth guide to building a To-do application using Adobe AIR. The article not only ends up becoming a real application, but Jon includes relevant information about working with AIR throughout the article.

For those that don’t know, Adobe AIR is a new technology from Adobe that allows you to develop web-style applications for the desktop, leveraging the power of HTML, Flash and even PDF. Adobe recently released a new version of the public beta (B3) last week which really starts to paint a picture of how awesome AIR 1.0 is going to be.

You may remember me posting some smaller AIR topics, as well as a learning application that I developed alongside Organi Studios earlier this year.

Be sure to check out the article over at 24 ways, and while your there, look at the other great articles.

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