Welcome back screen name

Welcome back screen name

* Begin Welcome Back Theme Song *

About 6 years ago I was surfing the net through AOL, of course I also thought frames were cool. During this time I was using the screen name “mkeefedesign” which I always knew would be the name of my design company. Well time marched on as it always does and I left AOL, of course unclear to me was the fact that when you register a screen name in AOL and not AIM it gets locked once you cancel.. not cool.

Well flash forward about 6 years (tonight to be exact) when I was registering a new name I decided to recover that awesome screen name by answering all of the “forgot my password” questions and ultimately ended up at a screen that not only let me reset the info but also re-activate it.

I am still not 100{9eb845e9932a4c0558a0305a78bf1c2d5042d8a06323e6cdeacdb9c8597fbf65} sure how exactly it was released but I am happy as it works perfectly for my company and it was mine.. so if you have experienced the same situation.. go back and try to recover what is yours.


  • Dena

    Reply July 15, 2007 3:19 pm

    when i type in the sn and the code it doesnt ask me the questions .
    why ?

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