View on Apple changing

View on Apple changing

Apple-logo_confused.jpgThe title kind of says it all, but basically my overall view on Apple is starting to shift. First, the locked down nature of the iPhone really annoyed me as a developer, but I understood the security dilemma so I let it go. Now Steve is back in the spotlight saying Flash isn’t right for the iPhone because it is processor heavy. When he really should be saying, it won’t work because the iPhone can’t handle it, and the battery would drop off even faster. I guess Adobe should really work better on the mobile stuff.

Its funny though, because my old Nokia 6682 had Flash Player, worked great, I even developed a mobile CMS for my web sites to keep them maintained when not in front of my computer.

But back to the argument at hand here, being about Apple. The latest news is the development kit is now available, but not for free?? Are you kidding me, do they actually want to make me pay and check it in through them? Great, none of the cool apps on my jailbroken phone will exist because they are from independent developers. What does that mean? Strike 2…

Update: This quote from the Flash comment made me actually laugh out loud.

“They’ve been drifting apart for years; Apple can make do, but the question is really what about Adobe?” said Rick Chapman, editor of software-industry newsletter Softletter.

Adobe does not need Apple, remember Windows?? The OS that is used by the majority, and yes I see the irony of a Mac fan (me) saying this, but the title of the post should explain that. haha

…To be continued.

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