Unbox is Not Supported

Unbox is Not Supported

After the release of Apple TV I have been looking around at different video services. One of those was Amazon’s “Unbox” which installs a player that connects to Amazon and downloads the movies for you to enjoy. I figured since Amazon has some other great services I would take it for a spin, but sadly noticed this section of the “System Requirements”. It basically says if you have a Mac, you are screwed!


Now my question is if so many other companies can build a cross-platform video application, why can’t Amazon? What’s really odd is Amazon is usually the one to “do things different” and this time they really haven’t even tried.

If I *really* wanted to test it out I could load it into Bootcamp or Parellels but it still defeats the purpose for most users.


  • Scott Perez-Fox

    Reply March 25, 2007 10:18 pm

    Consider yourself lucky that Mac users can’t run unboxed, I’ve heard nothing but terrible reviews. Frankly, it didn’t even show up on my radar because like so many other services, it’s a whole lotta nothing.

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