Taking the band-aid approach

Taking the band-aid approach

Starting today (Monday) I am going to be making some pretty serious life changing choices in my work and after-work lifestyles. Okay, a little back story. I have been working on evaluating my working habits, client communications and general daily processes.

Okay, so now you are likely wondering, why the change? Well its simple really, I have been involved in some pretty stressful projects over the last few months and the daily stress has been mounting up. Last weekend I spent both days relaxing and spending time with family and then did the same this weekend.

I noticed this evening I have been much less stressed, generally more productive and all around in a better frame of mind, so that is why I have decided to start this process now. The “Band-aid” approach is because any other form will be abandoned in a few short days and I want this to work out. I have about a month before I leave for Photoshop World which of course means lots of work in a very short amount of time, so I figured now is the best time to push the idea.

Have any of you perfected a working process or other general daily task strategy? I would love to hear about them.

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  • Dave McNally

    Reply August 24, 2009 7:02 am

    I mentioned my thoughts on the subject briefly through Twitter but the subject deserves a little more than 140 characters.

    For the most part, I’ve been in a pretty similar situation for a while. Working from home, my hours tend to apply around the family and I end up working until the early hours to catch up. I have yet to completely separate time with the family and working as they’re in close proximity without me having a designated office within the home. We are currently looking into a larger house which would accommodate an office and I believe that would make a major improvement in concentration.

    Being in the right frame of mind plays the biggest part for me. I have only recently started getting up at a set hour and starting work as I would in regular employment. Moving on from this, I plan to have set hours to work within and time planned for family and other things. It’s keeping the schedule that’s difficult and I look forward to reading about how you get on with the changes.

    I’m just sorry I can’t give you any practical tips!

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