Spell Check

Spell Check

In this day and age with project managers and copy artists, why do so many ads have misspelled copy? The latest one brought to my attention by my designer cousin, in Florida, can be seen on the Project Runway web site.

On top of that I can count at least another dozen times where something was not spelled correctly. Whether it be a URL, business name or body text. Most of these studios have computers, probably have Word and excluding proper names, could stand to use it sometimes.

Here is the ad on Bravo’s site, should still be there as well.

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  • Live-Dimension

    Reply March 10, 2008 4:18 am

    It’s simple mkeefe – People just want to get projects done as fast as they can in order to get more time out.

    Copying + pasting each and even line of text to/from word (which costs $$) or from other sources simply is a pain.

    As for not changing it – well, slackness I’d assume. Or that the site owner won’t pay to get it fixed, and the designer won’t fix it without pay??


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