Scriptplayground is rebranding.. win an iPod Nano Touch

Scriptplayground is rebranding.. win an iPod Nano Touch

The time comes in every companies life, no matter how large or small that a rebranding is necessary. This is done to refresh the company, add new ideas or change the direction. In the case of Scriptplayground I have decided as the Founder that the content is king, but the UI is crap.

Scriptplayground was once a sub-page off of my company site, mkeefeDESIGN and later grew into a small code repository. Now about 7 years later and on a volunteer basis the site has just under 100 unique, in-depth tutorials covering various programming languages and tools.

The direction of Scriptplayground is not changing in this rebranding/update, instead more features are being implemented to make the viewers experience better. More exclusive authors are being added to the list of contributors and more regular (weekly) updates will be posted once V4 launches.

The exact date that V4 (codename: Rosetta) will launch is not known but I am planning a beta version in the coming months. I am making sure this version is robust and WILL NOT be satisfied until its right. Of course with this being a free time project that also factors into the time it takes to update.

For the special event of Rosetta (v4) being released Scriptplayground is running a contest. Simply follow on Twitter or Facebook and the winner will be chosen once the site launches. The winner will receive an iPod Nano Touch, no strings attached.

Thats all for now, please leave any comments, features or topics you’d like to see over at Scriptplayground in the comments below.

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