Saga of the phone purchase

Saga of the phone purchase

The Nokia 6682 was a great phone in its day (about 1 year ago) but now it isn’t living up to the task of email and business usage. Part of that is due to a recent outbreak of spam on my account, but it is also because the phone lacks any substantial memory.. and the screen is small.

That being said I am looking for a new phone and I have quickly found out it isn’t an easy task. I am currently looking at the lineup from Blackberry as well as the Treo and the potential of the iPhone.

The blackberry has email usage beat hands down, it can watch up to 10 email accounts and notify you when email comes in, the Treo can only do that to 1 email account at a time. The Treo offers more programs ( Flash for one 🙂 it is a bit of hoop jumping to make Flash run on a Palm ) but at a sacrifice of battery life and last but not least the mysterious iPhone which isn’t available yet and no one really knows how well it is going to perform.


I guess it basically comes down to a battle of the Treo against the Blackberry, any thoughts on which avenue I should go down?

I would like to note that Cingular charges $30 for the Blackberry data connect and $40 for the Treo data plan. Funny since each do the exact same thing, but for some strange reason the BB is cheaper.


  • jacob

    Reply May 23, 2007 3:41 pm

    are you sure about the treo running flash? the windows mobile version do, but last i checked there is no flash player for the palm. It was one of the reasons I got a wm phone as opposed to the new treo, of course i have not done anything w/ flash on my phone… but whatever.

    cingular also sucks in this area and they charge double what sprint / verizon do for data plans and that is lame sauce.

  • Miles johnson

    Reply June 9, 2007 5:36 am

    Ive been wanting the pearl also. Looks like a really good phone… id take it over the treo tho, cuz treo is too big for my taste.

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