Red Sox fan to cheer on the road

Red Sox fan to cheer on the road

As most of you know I am from the Boston area, huge fan of the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots, pretty much all things Boston. Well I have been contemplating leaving Beantown for some time now and think I am getting closer to making the move.

Now of course this is still in its research stage, but I am seriously considering it. Right now I am mainly looking in Colorado, pretty much since I went out and visited some friends last Fall. Its just a great community, lots of outdoor activities and breathtaking views. It will of course be a challenge to root for the Boston teams especially when a few of the places I have been considering are next door to Rockies stadium.. haha.

This whole move is to test the concept that a freelancer can in fact live anywhere in the world as long as they have internet, which is something I do believe to be the case. I sort of confirmed this when I was responding to business emails on the beaches of the South Caribbean a few months back.

So as you can imagine I would be leaving some things behind, those of course being my family and most of my friends. Though as luck would have it I have a few friends out in Denver/Colorado and hey, Vegas is closer too.

There you have it, a bit of a “random” post as it has nothing to do with programming, but for those interested, in my free time I continue to do the research oh and save lots of money to make a cross-country move even possible.

Finally you may be asking “Why Colorado?”, which my response will always be, Why not? If you have no crucial reason to stay in the same location, why do it?

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