Project turned business Bait and Switch

Project turned business Bait and Switch

I’ve been noticing a disturbing trend in the development and design industry. No not “potential facebook-killers” though that is annoying as well. For right now I am talking about Partial Ownership and Profit Sharing opportunities.

Be a Part of the “Next Big Thing”
Now don’t get me wrong, if you get an opportunity to be part of the next big thing or to even create that thing then awesome. However, using it as a way to get free work is downright evil. I have been contacted by potential clients with a great project and of course I follow up with a timeline, quote and proposal just like you always should. Though lately those potential clients like to slip in the business proposal on the third or fourth inquiry. Its like they are feeling you out and trying to hook you on the project.

I have even seen a few instances when the potential client will try to belittle your work and talent if you don’t decide to hop on their “Million Dollar idea” as if you offended them, when in reality they are wrong. Its similar to “Bait n Switch” in a store.

As a freelancer, developer, agency or all around technology professional have you experienced this growing trend or am I simply the lucky one? Weigh in via the comments below, I am eager to hear others opinions on this topic.

Update: Before its misconstrued in the above post, I am open for new opportunities, just don’t hide the “business opportunity” portion while claiming to have a standard freelance gig. Most of all, don’t waste others time.. its not good business.

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