Product and Advertising Retouching

Product and Advertising Retouching

tmp_blog_thumb.jpgRecently I stumbled upon this awesome designer’s portfolio, where he retouches a series of images to create stunning advertising. Not only is his work amazing but what really caught my eye on the site is the fact he walks the viewer through the process of creating the ads. He shows the scans, comps and revisions that led to the completed picture.


I also noticed a large portion of his work starts with a numerous selection of stock photos where he picks and chooses elements instead of simply “pasting” it in.

If you have a minute I strongly recommend you sit back and look at the extensive portfolio. Who knows you might be able to pick up a method or two that you can extend into your own retouching.

Oh and speaking of retouching I have been experimenting with this new cutout software similar but so much more powerful than Extract in Photoshop. When I get some more time to experiment with it I will post up a review.

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