Personal Accountability in 2012

Personal Accountability in 2012

I’ve found that when you keep secret goals you are less likely to accomplish them. Of course this isn’t true for everyone but part of success is learning your limits/uniqueness. Me being one of those people I decided to publicly post my 2012 goals list so I can not only keep posted on the progress but also be held accountable for any that I mess up.

Would love to hear others thoughts on public goal lists. For now, here is mine:

2012 Goals List

01. Cook 50 healthy and new meals
02. Lose 25 pounds before wedding
03. Learn Portuguese. Finish Rosetta Stone Level 1
04. Improve my firearm proficiency. Visit range at least 25 times.
05. Continue to grow PixelBit and work with more freelancers.
06. Pay off ALL wedding expenses BEFORE wedding date.
07. Put away more money towards a down payment on a house.
08. Write 50 new engaging articles for Scriptplayground.
09. Learn a new programming language by building something.

As you can see some of these goals are much larger than 2012 but a new year is a perfect time to start new things.

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