Parallels and cold nights

Parallels and cold nights

I recently purchased a MacPro (as you may already know) and I started running Fusion from VMWare which is a beta virtualization program to run Windows on my Mac. Well a few days ago I downloaded an update for Parallels which is what I was originally using before Fusion. I am now able to run the bootcamp partition of my HD as the VM. This means only one machine to maintain and quicky gaining access to files and programs without having to reboot.

In this update I have gained back use of my favorite Actionscript editor FlashDevelop which is running in “Coherence” mode of Parallels which offers the ability to run Windows on OS X without the desktop or taskbar. Simpy put, it is sweet!

FlashDevelop UI

Switching gears… I Just viewed my Dashboard weather widget and noticed the temperature is quite cold outside. I am sure it isn’t the coldest but lets just say a quick trip outside with Aibo (my dog) is just enough time for one day.

It's Cold

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