Not normally one to groan, but…

Not normally one to groan, but…

I am not normally one to groan about things, but a couple of things have been on my mind.

First up is sites that split articles across multiple pages just to get more ad impressions. Generally if I notice this I just stop reading the article. In some cases I understand the reason to split the article up, but not when it is a paragraph per page.

The other thing that recently got to me was an article on ComputerWorlds site where they listed the “Top 10 Firefox plugins to avoid”. Which in itself could be useful, but not when they said avoid NoScript unless you are a geek or AdBlock because it hurts sites. It is my choice to block ads, but why woudl they say different since every page has 10 ads. What is even funnier is the ads aren’t even relevant, at least Google ads are semi-helpful to the reader.

That’s it for today and I will make sure not to make a habit out of this, I am just fed up with certain things.

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