My Flash Demo seen at CES and the Apple iPhone

My Flash Demo seen at CES and the Apple iPhone

All sorts of news from the west coast. First up my friend sent this image to me from CES in Las Vegas where my Delphi Flash Demo is being displayed on a kiosk for attendees to see/experience first hand. Early December Delphi released a web application for the SKYFi 3 that I had developed and now it has been extended to the kiosk for trade shows. This was a great honor and one I wasn’t even aware of when I developed the demo.

Here is a photo of the Delphi Kiosk
SKYFi 3 Kiosk
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Next up on news from the west coast comes the announcement of the iPhone from San Francisco MacWorld. This phone will be available in June which means my current Nokia will have to survive a few more months… hopefully it will.

Some of the notable features from this next gen phone is: Widescreen iPod, Wifi, Bluetooth, OSX Operating System and many more that can be viewed here.

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