Leave my credits alone

Leave my credits alone

Earlier today I received an email from iStockPhoto stating that I had some credits set to expire in 90 days. Fair enough, they give me warning that this is going to happen, but I came to an interesting thought, why do electronic credits expire? I mean, my emergency $20 in my wallet isn’t void after a certain date and that change in my couch from 5 years ago gets me a candy bar, so why can’t I use my credits when I want to?

iStockPhoto Expiring Credits

I remember the Simon mall franchise doing this same sort of expiration system to their gift cards. Difference is, Massachusetts has a law in place that states gift cards cannot expire. Although you will still find stores attempting to hide this fact unless you mention it.

The expiration just means I will have to buy images soon. It still isn’t right and maybe if enough people complained it would change.. but probably not. Since we all know big business doesn’t listen.

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