Latest addition to my Mac family

Latest addition to my Mac family

As the title states there is a new addition to the Macs I own. Please welcome the MacBook Pro, which you may have noticed if you visited my Flickr Page in the last couple of days.

MacBook Pro on the table

I decided to go for the 2.66ghz with 2gb of ram for video editing and the ability to run Parallels on it with no slowdowns.

So far it is performing insanely well, I have my software loaded on it and the heat problems everyone speaks of have not been an issue to me. It does get warm, but then again why wouldn’t it in a metal casing? The most important application to download is iAlertU which informs you via sounds when your MacBook/Pro has decided to wonder into someone elses hands. It also snaps a photo and emails it to you when the alarm is tripped.

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