Just say NO to cheap hosting

Just say NO to cheap hosting

We all have to start somewhere in our profession, smaller computers, less toys and often times, a lesser host. Problem with this idea is you almost always get burnt. Smaller hosts do cost less, but they also come with less reliable systems and in this next case, a very horrible support staff.

A while back I was a supporter, “grapevine” author and forum admin for Spoono. Heard of it? Most likely you have. Problem is as they got more popular, they decided to offer hosting with all the popularity and “name” behind the Spoono community.

Well fast forward a few years and the Spoono community has faded away, the forums were shut down from an overload of spam. Returning with electronic tumbleweed replacing the once thriving community and the hosting has just failed.

One of the latest forum posts really paints a bad picture. Seems one of their customers “h4xnoodle” has not only had great trouble contacting, but even more serious just lost her domain name after paying it on time. At the time of this posting Spoono Host has still failed to respond and if they do so I will update this post.

Basically I am making this post to warn others about “cheap” hosting, not specifically Spoono Host, but any of them. Just ask other professionals old & new.


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