Just say NO to cheap hosting Part 2

Just say NO to cheap hosting Part 2

I have yet to hear back from the guys at Spoono Host (spoonohost.com) or Spoono (spoono.com) in general, but now I am calling on the community to shed some light on potential legal action!

Another friend of mine, Ryan, just told me his sites domain has expired and he is in the process of a marketing campaign. This isn’t script kiddies here, this is hurting people that are fathers and adults and most importantly, business people.

I may sound a bit agitated, well thats good because I really am.. this is complete and utter bullshit in the highest form. I really hope the hosting company smartens up because this is just wrong.

Note: Hosting and company URLs intentionally unlinked

Update: I recommend MediaTemple or RackSpace as a great alternative.


  • Jacob

    Reply June 28, 2008 4:15 pm

    i feel bad for anyone dealing with a shitty host, but spoono has been dead for a long time now.. going on about 2 years as far as i can tell so anyone still with them shouldn’t be surprised by the bad service. Especially people like Ryan who were very involved with spoono. He should know more than anyone. That doesn’t excuse the bad service, but it should help you direct your anger.

    Also in your rant you say “This isn’t script kiddies here, this isn’t hurting people that are fathers and adults and most importantly, business people.”. That makes it sound like this really isn’t hurting anyone at all, which doesn’t make sense why you’d be angry =)

    at the very least making people aware of bad hosts is a service, but you should also offer another solution. I always support media temple and their grid server is affordable and offers a whole lot more than most comparable plans.

  • Jay

    Reply June 30, 2008 10:49 pm

    Thank God for MediaTemple 🙂

    I dont think that I will ever leave them..simply because their service is highly recommended and on point!

    I’ve had days when I’ve called (mt) at 1 and 4 in the morning and they handle the problem right then and there while your on the phone. The price you pay at MediaTemple is worth paying for 🙂

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