Java and Flex Integration Bible – Coming Soon

Java and Flex Integration Bible – Coming Soon

My lack of posting and generally being online has been due to a hardcore bit of writing for my new book. Actually not “my” new book because I am co-authoring this one with Charles Christiansen, an amazing Java developer! We have teamed up to write an in depth guide to Flex and Java development with sections devoted to complete application development.

Similar to my Flash and PHP Bible, I wanted to explain the basics, cover all the “what ifs” but not stop there.. I like to end with a few real world projects. In the Java and Flex Integration Bible you will learn how to develop a store front end in Flex that will be powered by a java application on the server. That is only one of the complete applications covered in this book.

The street date is early spring 2009, but I will be sure to post more information as it is available.

This is not the only project I am working on, but is the only one I can talk about in any detail. Let me simply say the next few months will be interesting for designers, readers of Scriptplayground and Flash developers.

I have been getting requests for work I have done in the past, so I took some time while in the air to Vegas and updated my portfolio.

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