Intimate one-to-one messaging with Duet

Intimate one-to-one messaging with Duet

Earlier today I noticed an update from a Mr. Dan Rubin about an app called Duet. I figured oh great, another mobile app I have no use for but I took a look and was hooked by the UI. Its almost silk like. I then downloaded the free app and took it for a spin.

I started by poking around the features though to get most you need to create a free account. However you can start to create a “Duet” whilst creating an account. I created one with my fiancĂ© as I thought messaging a random person would be fairly creepy. Especially with an app focusing on intimate/personal communication. Of course this app is not only for love meetings, it could honestly be used to meet up for a business talk, though i’m not sure why you’d need photos/video of that!

Right now Duet is still pretty new, but i’d like to see a few things modified. First one would be to use Facebook/Twitter for registration, I hate creating new accounts that I must remember passwords for. The second would be the ability to create a Duet as a guest using your device Id that you could update later on.

Duet is currently only available for iPhone though you’ll find a note mentioning additional platforms/devices are coming soon.

“Coming soon to other platforms and devices.”

Overall its a pretty neat concept and seeing as it was created by Crush+Lovely its no surprise the design is amazing.

Go download the app & start your own one-to-one connections.

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