Happy Peg going iOS native and being released for free

Happy Peg going iOS native and being released for free

As you may have read on PixelBit’s blog we recently launched an iPhone/iPad/Android game called Wrangler Rope Your Rewards. While this may have been the first game the PixelBit team developed it was not my personal first. Way back in the early days of AIR mobile I developed Happy Peg for Android using the iOS packager for Flash before it was initially banned by Apple. I was amazed how easy it was to port the web version to mobile in little over 8 hours which included graphics changes. Though it did irk me a bit the file-size was a whopping 8mb.

Not satisfied with this even today i’ve decided to rebuild it using native iOS Objective-c but with a twist. I’m not porting any of the existing code or graphics. I’m using this as a test to see how quick I can design, develop and even add some features to an extremely simple game. The reason behind this is out of pure boredom this weekend and taking a break from wedding planning.

I don’t expect it to be the next Draw Something nor would I really want it to as then i’d have to support and enhance it for all those users. I actually pride myself and my team in staying small, working on niche projects and building awesome results for some pretty amazing brands.

Oh and as a final twist i’ll be releasing the standard version on GitHub for the world to fork and build from. A simple *hat tip* is all I ask if you build something cool!

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