Flash Vulnerabilities Affect Thousands of Sites

Flash Vulnerabilities Affect Thousands of Sites

I noticed a posting on Slashdot (/.) about Flash Flash Vulnerabilities that have been disclosed by a private group and some other security experts. The article in itself is not the most shocking thing, but more importantly the last line of it.

No patch in sight from Adobe, that’s the price to pay for depending on proprietary solutions.”

There is not merit or fact behind this comment, it is purely a jab at Adobe or any “proprietary” company for not adopting open solutions. Well guess what, I am all for Open Source (use it daily) but some things should stay the way they are. It is very common for someone to say Open Source is more secure but that has been proven to be a damn myth, yet people still say it…

This brings up a very good question. Would you want your bank system running on Open Source technology that anyone could look at??

Back to the Flash portion of the article, it is a serious issue, but I am sure Adobe is on top of it (aside from the fact of the holiday season).

… be cautious of what you believe to be fact, especially when the article makes numerous references to a book that is set to hit shelves in the next few weeks…

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