FITC 2009 Toronto

FITC 2009 Toronto

Thanks to the Flash and Flex Developer Magazine I was able to attend FITC Toronto last week. This was the first time I attended this conference and can without a doubt say I will be going back next year. The sessions are all located close to each other so you can move around and truly create a custom experience, allowing you to learn the most.

Once the sessions are done for the day most attendees of other conferences hang out in small packs, but not at FITC. Every night there is a hosted party at a different venue where you get to meet all the attendees, drink and overall have a great time.

The number of cool people I met is quite long, I have a stack of business cards, phone numbers and all sorts of other material, but there is a small group of people that I must “shout out to”.

That list would be: Chris Allen, Stacey (bitchwhocodes), Jared Ficklin, Adam Bell, Dr. Woohoo, Richard Galvan, R Blank, Philip Kerman, Joanna, Marion, Catherine, Jonathon, Marcey and Samuel Agesilas.

Going back to the conference experience I posted a couple of cell phone photos over on my Flickr photo stream and a video of the Fire installation that Jared Ficklin had at the Mediatemple party.

Next Flash conference on the horizon.. Flash on Tap here in Boston at the end of this month!

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