Don’t be so Flash specific

Don’t be so Flash specific

While watching some movie trailers I stumbled upon a google tie-in with the Bourne Ultimatum. Now I haven’t a clue what that page holds because according to them I don’t have Flash… um how is that possible?

Well its simple really, this is the string I found in their Javascript sniffer.

var version = [9,0,41]

Unless they are using a feature in Flash that needs that version why would you want to ever lock the potential audience to a minor version number? Honestly I don’t have an answer because it makes no sense. What’s even more funny is the fact I actually have a newer version than requested.. now I didn’t look at the code too extensively but could they actually have locked the site to a specific minor version?


No Flash for You!

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  • jacob

    Reply August 26, 2007 10:41 pm

    alot of times if this is the version that people test with it’s the version they use. I am working on a project now that didn’t have anything documented as far as I could tell that I needed any minor version but low and behold v9.0.23 didn’t work but whatever the newest is did. Sucks, but sometimes minor versions are important. I’d imagine that for a site like bourne they looked into it.

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