Does the MacBook Pro run hotter?

Does the MacBook Pro run hotter?

After reading more of those “hot macbook pro” postings I decided to do a little experimenting. I started off by firing up the MacBook Pro and then my Compaq notebook. After letting them run for a few minutes I noticed both the Mac and PC were running at around 100 degrees (f).

In this basic comparison I found that the Mac and PC run equally hot and thus have nothing to worry about.

Update 1
Note: the fan in the Compaq is louder at the moment, but the Macbook also isn’t silent.

Update 2
the case on the MacBook Pro makes it hotter to the touch, but I can understand it being a metal casing.

Here is the screengrabs from the Mac and the PC notebooks about 20 minutes after I started them up.

Taken from iStatPro (widget)

From “SpeedFan”

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