Diving into the Zend Framework

Diving into the Zend Framework

zend_framework.gifAfter a long day of compiling PHP, Apache, Imap, Mailman… and the list goes on I have the Zend Framework all setup. Haven’t ran any stress tests or long term analysis on the framework, but so far I am happy.

One super simple example is this Flickr Compositor which takes your search and creates a pretty neat composite image. There is also a bunch of other demos so in a matter of minutes you can really get an idea how powerful the Zend Framework is.

At the moment I have this system pretty feature packed, with apps such as:

When I get some more time I am going to be adding the Zend Framework to my development toolkit. I also plan to test out CakePHP and come up with a “best of” kit. The question is what do you prefer to use in your development?

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