Developing apps for Android using AIR

Developing apps for Android using AIR

You may have heard some things regarding developing Android apps using Flash CS5 and AIR? Well I have been given the opportunity to be a part of the prerelease and have been given permission to show off one of my apps, Happy Peg.

Update: Since the video was released on Tuesday it has been picked up by a few really high profile sites, such as Lee Brimelows blog and even the Official Adobe AIR Team blog. It has also been spotted on other Flash and Android sites.

Early this year I posted about this app being developed using Flash CS5 and deployed on the iPhone App Store. Well with no code changes, about 2 hours to have the graphics tweaked (thanks to @pneal), I was able to port Happy Peg over to Android.

In the following video you will see it running on a Google Nexus One which was given to me by Adobe (special thanks to Michael Chou). The second device in the video is my iPhone 3GS. As you will see using Flash CS5 I was able to build and deploy Happy Peg to both devices with no coding changes.

Once the tools are out of private beta I will write a more in depth guide and a series of tutorials, stay tuned. These certainly are exciting times for Flash developers.

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