Day 0 at Adobe MAX 2010

Day 0 at Adobe MAX 2010

So Day 0 (precon) is wrapping up. Today I had an all day User Group summit with Adobe so I can’t really speak about specifics, however I can say Adobe is an very interesting company. By interesting I mean they actually give a damn about their users and community. Many think that since Adobe is a publicly traded company they only care about one thing, but that simply isn’t true. Of course the majority of today was under NDA like much of what is told to UG members ;). At the end of the day what I have been given is a look into how Adobe helps in promoting User Groups, how to gain more members and most of all, how to make engaging sessions that teach the members.

All of what I have learned today will benefit the Boston Flash Platform User Group (BFPUG) of which I am co-manager of, simply because I have been inspired by the Adobe evangelists and other UG members to create awesome meetings. It was also very cool to meet familiar faces from previous conferences and learn they are also fellow User Group Managers and Co-Managers.

Now I can’t go into specific changes or cool things to come for the meetings, I can say it will be a fun road.

Oh and I also would like to mention two final points. One, LA is full of traffic 24/7 and two, Adobe MAX kicks ass, make sure you make at least once. Its worth all the expense and you make it back in time.

Stay tuned for more MAX updates as the week progresses.

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