Custom iPhone, sort of

Custom iPhone, sort of

After really not liking the default layout on the home screen and missing custom ringtones I decided to hack my iPhone.. well sort of, more like forcefully modified my iPhone.

Here is an older shot of the update.. now the carrier logo is “mkeefeDESIGN” because this one was too L33T for me 🙂 .. and one of the links off of that site offers up a way to change the keypad, but i haven’t done that yet.

I was able to accomplish these visual changes and add my own custom ringtones (no idea why an ipod phone didn’t have this to begin with)
but mine does now. Of course I must caution these mods are not for the inexperienced and failure to follow the steps may result in a sad iPhone.

Here is the app I have been using: iFuntastic

If for some reason the iPhone starts acting weird, just restore it with iTunes and you should be all set.. but
again I am not responsible in any way for the actions caused by modifying your iPhone.

I look forward to how this cool app will evolve over time and when it does I will post about it.

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