Closed on Our First Rental Property!

Closed on Our First Rental Property!

I have dreamed of making this video for 2 years! Well with luck, desire, planning and a network of awesome people its been made a reality!

The journey began about 3 years ago when I attended a car event, just happened to strike up a conversation with a local real estate investor and learned the top of the tip of the iceberg in regards to REI. Thankfully this person became a sort of mentor to me, and answered all my dumb questions, told me to focus one aspect of real estate investing and has been a huge part of why i’m able to make this video!

Another person who you may actually be subscribed to is WillMotivation. He created a real estate course which I went through and picked up another perspective from Will and his real estate agent. I also learned the inner workings of auctions, wholesaling strategies and a plethora of other things.

Want to check out his course? it’s here. Tell him Coderman sent you.

Thank you also to my family, friends, haters and supporters. Especially my wife for letting me badger her with hours of real estate talk, which thankfully worked because she is a major part of this journey.

Why do I keep calling it a journey and not a destination? Because this is only the beginning of my REI goals and plans. I don’t intend to turn this channel into a real estate focused one, but i will provide updates as long as people smash that like button and enjoy the content.

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