Cheating the App Store

Cheating the App Store

I’ve noticed a trend happening on the App Store lately. Basically developers release a free app then sell a required license code on their site for whatever the deem necessary. So basically Apple gets NO MONEY in the transaction.

How this is even allowed by Apple is beyond me, but I think its the users that get cheated.

Earlier this evening I noticed my favorite business app for the Mac, Studiometry, finally released an iPhone app. I quickly downloaded the “free” app and was excited to test drive all the features, until I realized I needed to fork over an additional $40 for a “server” license? Are you F*#@$@ kidding me? I paid about $200 for the desktop app (a ripoff I know) but now you aren’t only ripping me off, you found a way to screw Apple.

This isn’t the first app I have seen do this either. I really wish (for once) Apple would tighten their guidelines when it comes to selling apps.

The funny thing is I won’t give Studiometry the $40 but I would have paid $9.99 like I did for Things Touch, because the fee wasn’t snuck in and the desktop version cost something like $50.

So, I leave asking this. What is your thought on developers going around the 70/30 payment model set in place by Apple? Is it going against the terms or just crafty?


  • Jordan

    Reply April 29, 2010 12:37 am

    I truthfully never looked at it as cheating the system until reading this. I was extremely interested in the iPhone app by WHMCS called “iWHMCS.” I downloaded it as it was free and was excited.. Then saw that I needed to pay $39.95 for a license to use it… Excluding the fact that I’ve been a customer with them for oh, four years.. spent thousands on them for licenses for myself and clients.

    I’ve never read the terms of service for developers but if it’s not listed in there specifically.. then they’ve definitely found a loophole to ensure that they can retain as much of their profit as possible. It’s this very reason that I did NOT buy the license of the iWHMCS app. I’d rather pay through the app store then be forced to purchase outside of the app.

  • singhular

    Reply April 29, 2010 3:09 am

    The app is free, the service costs money. Deal with it. Apples appstore is a tipoff yo developers & publishers since its the only place apple allows for distribution of apps for iphone. Basically screw apple & its overly controlling policies & screw you for expecting cheap $9 apps.

  • singhular

    Reply April 29, 2010 3:16 am

    Sorry reread post and see bad typos, meant to say apples policies are ripoff and screw developers by being only place allowed to sell apps for iphone and screw developer by creating expectation in users for cheap apps minus apples cut when some apps are little more than an interface to a larger service that requires servers and more.

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