Cash Flow vs Direct Working Hours and why the difference matters

Cash Flow vs Direct Working Hours and why the difference matters

Soon after we get a job and start making money we feel on top of the world. This is especially true for freelancers because we get ALL THE MONIES (what are taxes?). I consider this the infant stage of business.

After we continue to make money we start to realize that our value is directly attached to our effort. However what happens when we want to take time off and/or grow? Well, that is where cash flow comes in.

Cash flow can mean many things but basically its predictable. It happens whether you get out of bed and it separates you from hours x rate.

Now, in this video I go over the concept in more depth, using real estate investing (which i’m learning about) and how a monthly rent check is not 100% the same as a payment for code written, but is so much more superior.

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