Buy a house for $100 and an essay

Buy a house for $100 and an essay

Update: The contest has been cancelled due to legal restrictions, you can read more on the contests web site.

The $100 house contest is both interesting and sad. Not sad because of the idea, but clear proof at just how screwed this economy is and how it is affecting the housing market.

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  • Live-Dimension

    Reply May 13, 2008 8:53 pm

    This is just a contest and get-rich-quick scheme, and nothing else! Lets look at some facts here.

    There’s a condition to the contest actually going through.
    “In order for this to work, I need at least 2500 people to enter.”

    What happens if it doesn’t come through?
    “I will immediately return all collected entry fees.”

    Somehow I don’t believe that. Why? First, it’s not an offical registered contest, I’m not so sure anyone can actually prosocute this guy…. Second, let’s get some facts here and find out what the guy is actually getting.

    Number of Entries: 2,500
    Entry Price:$100
    Value of the house:$180รขโ‚ฌโ€œ190k

    2,500 People * $100 entry fee = $2,500,000

    He owns a house that’s worth less then $200,000 but makes 2 and a half million??

    It won’t take long for the market to catch onto this, believe me…..

  • Live-Dimension

    Reply May 13, 2008 8:57 pm

    Ugh, trust me to make such a mistake.

    250,000. not 2.5 million ๐Ÿ˜›

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