Audio Setup Overview for My YouTube Content

Audio Setup Overview for My YouTube Content

Today we talk about hardware, more specifically audio hardware I use to create these videos. I also walk you through using Adobe Audition to record the voiceover track and explain the uses of the various hardware that I have.
Here is the hardware I use:

Rode Mic:
Rode NTG4:
Zoom H4N:
Zoom H1:
Adobe Audition:
Rode Lav Mic:
Audio Engine A2+ Speakers:
Pop Filter:

0:00 Overview
0:32 Camera Mic
1:17 Adobe Audition
2:05 File Organization
2:35 Blue Yeti Audio Test
2:43 Rode Mic Audio Test
3:35 GoPro & Zoom Audio
4:50 Wrap Up
5:15 GT4 Content Soon
5:54 Next Video Preview

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All Gear I Use to Create These Videos:

Products I use to wash and detail:

** Vehicles & Bikes I make videos on **
2016 Porsche GT4
2005 Acura TL
2015 Nissan Murano

** Prior Vehicles **
2011 BMW M3
2008 CBR600RR

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